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Alfonso Escudero Berián
Catedrático de Universidad
Area of Ecology
Dept. of Animal Biology, Parasitology, Ecology, Edaphology and Agronomic Chemistry
Faculty of Biology – USAL
Contact Information
  Phone: (+34) 923294464 , Fax: (+34) 923294515
  E-mail: ecoescu@usal.es


  • B.S. (Biology) – University of Salamanca.
  • Ph.D. (Biology) – University of Salamanca.

Research Interests

  • Growth dynamics of the leaf biomass in woody species.
  • Photosynthesis and nutrient use efficiency in tree species differing in leaf longevity.
  • Relationships among leaf life span, leaf traits (anatomy, morphology, nutrient contents and fiber concentrations) and productivity.
  • Nutrient resorption during leaf senescence.
  • Leaf strategies and gas-exchange patterns in different growth stages in Mediterranean tree species.
  • Morphological and physiological responses to drought and temperature stress in Mediterranean tree species differing in leaf life span.

Selected Publications

R. Milla, L. Gimenez-Benavides, A. Escudero, PB Reich. 2009. Intra- and interspecific performance in growth and reproduction increase with altitude: a case study with two Saxifraga species from northern Spain. Functional Ecology 23, 111-118.

A. Escudero, S. Mediavilla, H. Heilmeier. 2008. Leaf longevity and drought: avoidance of the costs and risks of early leaf abscission as inferred from the leaf carbon isotopic composition. Functional Plant Biology 35, 705-713.

S. Mediavilla, A. García-Ciudad, B. García-Criado, A. Escudero. 2008. Testing the correlations between leaf life span and leaf structural reinforcement in 13 species of European Mediterranean woody plants. Functional Ecology 22, 783-787.

FJ Juarez-López, A.Escudero & S. Mediavilla. 2008. Ontogenetic changes in stomatal and biochemical limitations to photosynthesis of two co-occurring Mediterranean oaks differing in leaf life span. Tree Physiology 28, 367-374.

F. Silla & A. Escudero. 2004. Nitrogen use efficiency: trade-offs between N productivity and mean residence time at organ, plant and population level. Functional Ecology 18, 511-521.

F. Silla & A. Escudero. 2003. Uptake, demand and internal cycling of nitrogen in saplings of Mediterranean Quercus species. Oecologia 136, 28-36.

A. Escudero & S. Mediavilla. 2003. Decline in photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency with leaf age and nitrogen resorption as determinants of leaf life span. Journal of Ecology 91, 880-889.

S. Mediavilla & A. Escudero. 2003. Leaf life span differs from retention time of biomass and nutrients in the crown of evergreen species. Functional Ecology 17, 541-548.

S. Mediavilla & A. Escudero. 2003. Photosynthetic capacity, integrated over the lifetime of a leaf, is predicted to be independent of leaf longevity in some tree species. New Phytologist 159, 203-211.

S. Mediavilla, A. Escudero & H. Heilmeier. 2001. Internal leaf anatomy and photosynthetic resource-use efficiency: interspecific and intraspecific comparisons. Tree Physiology 21, 251-259.

Berg, M. P. Berg, P. Bottner, E. Box, A. Breymeyer, R. Calvo de Anta, M. Couteaux, A. Escudero, A. Gallardo, W. Kratz, M. Madeira et al. 1993. Litter mass loss rates in pine forests of Europe and eastern United States: some relationships with climate and litter quality. Biogeochemistry 20, 127-159.

A. Escudero, J. M. Del Arco, I. C. Sanz & J. Ayala.1992. Effects of leaf longevity and retranslocation efficiency on the retention time of nutrients in the leaf biomass of different species. Oecologia 90, 80-87.

J. M. Del Arco, A. Escudero & M. V. Garrido. 1991. Effects of site characteristics on nitrogen retranslocation from senescing leaves. Ecology 72, 701-708.

A. Escudero & J. M. Del Arco. 1987. Ecological significance of the phenology of leaf abscission. 1987. Oikos 49, 11-14.
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