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Ana Isabel Negro Domínguez
Profesora Colaboradora
Area of Ecology
Dept. of Animal Biology, Parasitology, Ecology, Edaphology and Agronomic Chemistry
Polytechnic School of Zamora - USAL
Contact Information
  Phone: (+34) 980 545 000 ext. 3629
  E-mail: negro@usal.es


  • B.S. (Biology) – University of Salamanca. 1992
  • Specialist in prediction and evaluation of environmental impacts. – Polytechnic University of Madrid. 2000
  • Ph.D. (Biology) – University of Salamanca. 2005
  • University expert in conservation and management of flora, wildlife and protected areas. – University of Salamanca. 2007

Research Interests

Limnology, ecology of freshwater phytoplankton, microalgal biodiversity, bioindicators, conservation of inland water ecosystems


I work basically in the field of Limnology, and I’m specialized in phytoplankton ecology. My main interest is to study the phytoplankton structure and dynamics in mountain lakes, which are ecosystems very sensitive to environmental disturbances, particularly to climate change. I also study the phytoplankton of other lakes and reservoirs, in research projects focused on ecosystem typification following the guidelines of the Water Framework Directive, water quality, eutrophication process, population dynamics of potentially toxic cyanobacteria, etc. I am also interested in the autoecology of bioindicator species and allien species, both in phytoplankton and other aquatic communities.

Moreover, due to my work with phytoplankton, I have developed a great interest in the study of the biology, taxonomy and biodiversity of microalgae, and thus I currently contribute to elaborate microalgal databases and phycological flora monographs.

Selected Publications

Negro, A. I. & De Hoyos, C. 2005. Relationships between diatoms and environment in Spanish reservoirs. Limnetica 24(1-2): 133-144. (PDF 1) pdf 1

De Hoyos, C., Negro, A. I., & Aldasoro, J. J. 2004. Cyanobacteria distribution and abundance in the Spanish water reservoirs during thermal stratification. Limnetica 23(1-2): 119-132. (PDF 2)pdf 2

Morales, J. J., Negro, A. I., Lizana, M., Martínez, A., & Palacios, J. 2004. Preliminary study of the endangered populations of pearl mussel Margaritifera margaritifera (L.) in the River Tera (north-west Spain): habitat analysis and management considerations. Aquatic Conservation: Marine Freshwater Ecosystems 14: 587-596.

Negro A.I., De Hoyos, C., & Aldasoro, J. J. 2003. Diatom and desmid relationships with the environment in mountain lakes and mires of NW Spain. Hydrobiologia 505: 1-13. (PDF 3) pdf 3

Muñoz, J., Aldasoro, J. J., Negro, A. I., De Hoyos, C., & Vega, J. C. 2003. Flora and water chemistry in a relictic mire complex: the Sierra Segundera mire area (Zamora, NW Spain). Hydrobiologia 495: 1-16. (PDF 4)pdf 4

Negro A.I., De Hoyos, C., & Vega, J.C. 2000. Phytoplankton structure and dynamics in Lake Sanabria and Valparaíso reservoir (NW Spain). Hydrobiologia, 424: 25-37. (PDF 5) pdf 5
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