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Francisco Amich García
Catedrático de Universidad
Dept. of Botany
Faculty of Biology - USAL
Contact Information
  Phone: (+34) 923294534 ext. 4468
  E-mail: amich@usal.es


  • B.S. (Biology) – University of Salamanca.
  • Ph.D. (Biology) – University of Salamanca.

Research Interests

Biodiversity and conservation of vascular plants. Taxonomy, phylogeny and phylogeography of vascular plants. Evolution of the Orchidaceae in the Western Mediterranean. Phytostructural characterization of the vegetation in the Duero Basin. Ethnobotanical studies.


Biodiversidad y conservación de plantas vasculares. Estudios taxonómicos, filogenéticos y filogeográficos de plantas vasculares mediante el empleo de marcadores moleculares. Patrones evolutivos de la familia Orchidaceae en el Mediterráneo Occidental. Caracterización fitoestructural de la vegetación de la Cuenca del Duero. Etnobotánica.

Selected publications

ROCHA, J., CRESPÍ, A.L., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., KOZLOWSKI, G., ALMEIDA, R., HONRADO, J., TALAVERA, S. & AMICH, F. (2011). Morpho-environmental characterization of the genus Baldellia Parl. (Alismataceae) in the Iberian Peninsula, Balearic Islands and North Morocco. Plant Biosystems 145: in press.

GONZÁLEZ, J.A., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M. & AMICH, F. (2011). The consumption of wild and semi-domesticated edible plants in Arribes del Duero (Salamanca-Zamora, Spain): an analysis of traditional knowledge. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution 58: in press.

GONZÁLEZ, J.A., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M. & AMICH, F. (2011). Ethnoveterinary medicine in the Arribes del Duero, western Spain. Veterinary Research Communications 35: 283–310.

GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., BERNARDOS, S., NABAIS, C., PEREIRA, M.D. & AMICH, F. (2011). Phytogeochemical, geographical and vulnerability study of the paleosubtropical element Notholaena marantae (L.) Desv. subsp. marantae (Sinopteridaceae) at the western edge of its range. Biologia 66: 258–265.

GONZÁLEZ, J.A., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M. & AMICH, F. (2010). Ethnobotanical study of medicinal plants traditionally used in the Arribes del Duero, western Spain. Journal of Ethnopharmacology 131: 343–355. (PDF1) pdf 1

GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., BERNARDOS, S. & AMICH, F. (2010). Chromosomal evolution in Mediterranean species of Ophrys section Pseudophrys (Orchidaceae): an analysis of karyotypes and polyploidy. Taxon 59: 525–537.

AMICH, F., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., CRESPÍ, A. & BERNARDOS, S. (2009). Taxonomy, morphometric circumscription and karyology of the Mediterranean African representatives of Ophrys sect. Pseudophrys (Orchidaceae). Plant Biosystems 143: 47–61. (PDF2) pdf 2

GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., ÁVILA, E.Mª., SÁNCHEZ-ANTA, Mª.A., CRESPÍ, A.L., BERNARDOS, S. & AMICH, F. (2009). Reproductive success and variation in floral traits in the Iberian Peninsula endemic white campion Silene marizii Samp. (Caryophyllaceae). Biologia 64: 271–278.

BERNARDOS, S., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., SÁNCHEZ-ANTA, Mª.A. & AMICH, F. (2007). Composition, geographical affinities and endemism of the Iberian Peninsula orchid flora. Nordic Journal of Botany 25: 227–237.

AMICH, F., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M. & BERNARDOS, S. (2007). Polyploidy and speciation in the orchid flora of the Iberian Peninsula. Botanica Helvetica 117: 143–157.

CRESPÍ, A.L., FERNANDES, C.P., CASTRO, A., BERNARDOS, S. & AMICH, F. (2007). Morpho-environmental characterization of the genus Dianthus L. (Caryophyllaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula: The Dianthus pungens L. group. Annales Botanici Fennici 44: 241–255.

BERNARDOS, S., AMADO, A. & AMICH, F. (2006). The narrow endemic Scrophularia valdesii Ortega-Olivencia & Devesa (Scrophulariaceae) in the Iberian Peninsula: an evaluation of its conservation status. Biodiversity and Conservation 15: 4027–4043. (PDF3) pdf 3

BERNARDOS, S., TYTECA, D., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., CRESPÍ A.L., CASTRO, A. & AMICH, F. (2006). Current status and conservation of the Lusitan Duriensean Orchids (Duero Basin, NE Portugal & CW Spain). Acta Botanica Gallica 153(3): 273–284.

BERNARDOS, S., GARCÍA-BARRIUSO, M., LEÓN-ARENCIBIA, M.C., REYES-BETANCORT, A., GONZÁLEZ, R., PADRÓN, M. & AMICH, F. (2006). A cytotaxonomic study of the endemic orchids of the Canary Islands. Annales Botanici Fennici 43: 161–166.

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BERNARDOS, S., SANTOS, M.A., TYTECA, D. & AMICH, F. (2006). Phylogenetic relationships of Mediterranean Neottieae and Orchideae (Orchidaceae) inferred from nuclear ribosomal ITS sequences. Acta Botanica Gallica 153(2): 153–165.

CRESPÍ, A., BERNARDOS, S., CASTRO, A., FERNANDES, C. & AMICH, F. (2005). Phytostructural characterization of several vegetation types in Northern Portugal. II. The structural expressivity and the resistance of the vegetation. Plant Biosystems 139: 387–398.

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BERNARDOS, S., & AMICH, F. (2002). Karyological, taxonomic and chorological notes on the Orchidaceae of the Central-Western Iberian Peninsula. Belgian Journal of Botany 135: 76 87.
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