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José Antonio García Rodríguez
Profesor Titular
Area of Ecology
Dept. of Animal Biology, Parasitology, Ecology, Edaphology and Agronomic Chemistry
Faculty of Biology – USAL
Contact Information
  Phone: 923 294500 Ext.: 1516
  E-mail: jantecol@usal.es


  • B.S. (Biology) – University of Salamanca, 1981
  • Ph.D (Biology) – University of Salamanca 1985

Research Interests

Biodiversity and conservation, succession management and landscape restoration, community assemblage and modelling, relationships between conservation biology and society


I have been working on quantitative models of biodiversity at two very different levels: herbaceous and shrub communities, on the one hand, and at landscape scale, on the other. In the former we have been interested in clarifying the spatial-temporal patterns of biodiversity that have given rise to current debates and issues regarding the value of neutral theories in contrast with those defending niches and the role of environmental filters in the determination of the assembly of communities. At the second level, we have been exploring the relationships between the structure of the spatial mosaic of the landscape –especially in natural environments and spaces of conservational value- and the possibilities of the restoration and conservation of biodiversity.

I have also been actively involved in research lines attempting to relate the advances in scientific ecology and the applied area of the management of natural spaces and the social and political fields of nature conservation. In this sense, I have been especially interested in potentiating criteria and actions aimed at restoring and conserving mature ecosystems, complex forest systems that could be favoured by mild management of spontaneous ecological succession after the decline of historically excessive agro-livestock pressure. I believe that it is crucial to develop better communication and knowledge transfer in these fields –between science and society- so that we shall be able to depart from certain, assumedly “green” issues, which I feel to be undermining the true possibilities of active conservation of nature within our own geographic surroundings.

Selected Publications

Madrigal, J.; García-Rodríguez; J.A.; Fernández, M.B.; Puerto, A.; Alonso, P. (2010). Scale-dependent effects of pines on the herbaceous layer diversity in a semi-arid mediterranean ecosystem. Community Ecology 11 (1): 77-83.

Madrigal, J.; García-Rodríguez; J.A.; Fernández, M.B.; Puerto, A. (2008) Exploring the influence of shrubs on herbaceous communities in a mediterranean climatic context of two spatial scales. Plant Ecology, 195: 225-234

Madrigal, J.; García-Rodríguez; J.A.; Fernández, M.B.; Puerto, A. (2007) Respuesta multivariante de comunidades subseriales de matorral a factores climáticos y efectos en la regeneración forestal espontánea. Ecología, 21: 71-88. Madrid.

García-Rodríguez, J.A. (2004) La interacción entre ciencia y sociedad: el caso de la biología de la conservación. En Gómez-Heras, J.M y Velayos, C. (Coords.): Tomarse en serio la naturaleza: 255-288. Ed. Biblioteca Nueva. Madrid

Puerto, A., García-Rodríguez, J.A. (1995) Old.Field succession in oligotrophic communities of Mediterrannean grassland systems. In: Bellan, Bonin & Emig (eds): Functioning and dynamics of perturbed ecosystems: 74-87. Lavoisier Publishing, Paris

Puerto, A., Rico, M., Matías, M.D., García-Rodríguez, J.A. (1990) Variation in structure and diversity in Mediterranean grasslands related to trophic status and grazing intensity. Journal of Vegetation Science, 1(4): 445-452.

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