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Sonia Mediavilla Gregorio
Profesor Titular de Universidad
Area of Ecology
Dept. of Animal Biology, Parasitology, Ecology, Edaphology and Agronomic Chemistry
Faculty of Biology – USAL
Contact Information
  Phone: (+34) 923294464, Fax: (+34) 923294515
  E-mail: ecomedv@usal.es


  • B.S. (Biology) – University of Salamanca.
  • Ph.D. (Biology) – University of Salamanca.

Research Interests

  • Growth dynamics of the leaf biomass in woody species.
  • Photosynthesis and nutrient use efficiency in tree species differing in leaf longevity.
  • Relationships among leaf life span, leaf traits (anatomy, morphology, nutrient contents and fiber concentrations) and productivity.
  • Nutrient resorption during leaf senescence.
  • Leaf strategies and gas-exchange patterns in different growth stages in Mediterranean tree species.
  • Morphological and physiological responses to drought and temperature stress in Mediterranean tree species differing in leaf life span.

Selected publications

Mediavilla S., Escudero A. 2010. Differences in biomass allocation patterns between saplings of two co-occurring Mediterranean oaks as reflecting different strategies in the use of light and water. European Journal of Forest Research 129, 697-706.

Escudero A., Mediavilla S., Heilmeier H. 2008. Leaf longevity and drought: avoidance of the costs and risks of early leaf abscission as inferred from the leaf carbon isotopic composition. Functional Plant Biology 35, 705-713.

Mediavilla S., García-Ciudad A., García-Criado B., Escudero A. 2008. Testing the correlations between leaf life span and laef structural reinforcement in 13 species of European Mediterranean woody plants. Fuctional Ecology 22, 783-787.

Juárez López F.J., Escudero A. & Mediavilla S. 2008. Ontogentic changes in stomatal and biochemical limitations to photosynthesis of two co-occurring Mediterranean oaks differing in leaf life span. Tree Physiology 28, 367-374.

Petisco Rodríguez C., García-Criado B., Vázquez de Aldana B.R., Zabalgogeazcoa I., Mediavilla S., &. García-Ciudad A. 2005. Using near infrared reflectance spectroscopy to predict nitrogen, phosphorus and calcium content in heterogeneous woody plant species. Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry 382, 458 – 465.

Mediavilla S. & Escudero A. 2004. Stomatal responses to drought of mature trees and seedlings of two co-occurring Mediterranean oaks. Forest Ecology and Management 187, 281-294.

Mediavilla S. & Escudero A. 2003. Stomatal responses to drought at a Mediterranean site: a comparative study of co-occurring woody species differing in leaf longevity. Tree Physiology 23, 987-996.

Escudero A. & Mediavilla S. 2003. Decline in photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency with leaf age and nitrogen resorption as determinants of leaf life span. Journal of Ecology 91, 880-889.

Mediavilla S. & Escudero A. 2003. Leaf life span differs from retention time of biomass and nutrients in the crown of evergreen species. Functional Ecology 17, 541-548.

Mediavilla S. & Escudero A. 2003. Photosynthetic capacity, integrated over the lifetime of a leaf, is predicted to be independent of leaf longevity in some tree species. New Phytologist 159, 203-211.

Mediavilla S., Escudero A. & Heilmeier H. 2001. Internal leaf anatomy and photosynthetic resource-use efficiency: interspecific and intraspecific comparisons. Tree Physiology 21, 251-259.
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